Can my video be shot in more than one location?
Yes – as long as this has already been organised with our team and travel arrangements and expenses have been covered. This is generally charged at 45p per mile based on a round-trip calculation between IP22 2JA and the locations on Google Maps.
Do I need to pay a deposit?
Yes – there is a 50% deposit payable on all products.
When do I need to pay the full amount?
The balance will be payable prior to delivery of the final product, upon receipt of an invoice.
Do I get a say in the style of the video?
Yes – we will supply you with first and second drafts if needed so that you can let us know what you think. If you are not happy with any element of our work, we will do our best to rectify this before delivery of the final version.
What if I am not happy with the final product?
We do our utmost to ensure that our customers are satisfied with our product. If for some reason you are not happy with the product that has been delivered to you, you must inform us within one week of any technical or other problems, which we will strive to rectify. After one week, we will assume that you are happy with the product, and we hold no responsibility thereon for any issues that you may have.
How long will it take before I get the final video?
This depends on the product you have chosen. Here is a rough guideline:
Corporate/charity/wedding videos with video shoot – within three months of the video shoot
Home video editing using multiple videos and photos – within three months of receipt of footage
Video editing of one video using previously shot footage – within 21 days of receipt of the footage
Do I hold the copyright of my finished video?
Yes – you hold full copyright of your finished video. However, we may use it for promotional purposes, for example in a show reel of our work or on our website.
Where can I use my video?
We provide you with a video on the understanding that you use it for the purposes discussed in the initial consultation, for example on your website on in your store. If you choose to use it elsewhere, for example on YouTube, then we hold no responsibility for difficulties that may arise through use of music, however we can advise you on this matter if needed.