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About Us

Here at Just Another Multi Media Organisation (JAMMO), we strive to become a one-stop-shop for affordable audio-visual services to micro and small businesses locally. We can cater for most audio-visual needs, including but not limited to: video production, such as corporate videos, short films, documentaries and also logo animation. On the audio side, we produce music that can be synced with videos, as well as audio branding, background music and music for websites etc…

JAMMO was created to provide an in-house solution to the multi-media needs of our affiliated organisations and artists within the Just Another Label Ltd (JAL) group and those around us. Since March 2014 we have been offering this service to individuals, SMEs and other organisations in need of audio-visual content. Alongside JAL, JAMMO has for over a decade supplied photography and video content to new and established artists for viral content and PR materials, whilst offering a range of family orientated photography and video resources, servicing those in both our personal and professional collective.